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Analysis of the business 'Mallee's Colourful Creations'


This page entails a list of the company's objectives, strengths and weaknesses, target market analysis, details on it's competitive edge and more. This insight into the company will help prospective buyers understand the best way to distribute this product to its intended market in order to receive higher returns.



This section looks into the Strengths, Weaknesses, Threats, and Opportunities that the business faces.

Target Market

What is the ideal target market for these products? Who am I looking to sell to and how do I best approach these markets?





Similar Markets


To understand this product it is crucial to understand where it sits in the current market in relation to it's competition.


Marketing Campaign


Now that we have an understanding of the market and who our consumers are this section will assist you in preparing the next stage of marketing this product. It will provide you with information on how to best enter the market to ensure you are in the most viable position to make a profit.

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