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About Mallee Grosse

Mallee Grosse is a Western Australian born Artist. Her passion for vibrant colours and patterns has been of huge impact to her art, and her love of marine life has certainly been the main inspirations behind her work as well. Previously residing in the coastal towns of the Ningaloo Reef, Mallee found that her subject matter was literally right at her fingertips.

“It is the vibrant colours in Australia’s normally barren landscapes that are of true beauty and inspiration,” she mentioned, “and the smooth lines of the oceanic world is both fun and relaxing to paint as well.”



Mallee's bright playful marine life images are originally painted in vibrant colours on canvas. But if you are looking to take home one of Australia's beautiful marine animals, and bring the joy of ocean colours into your life her images can be purchased on various products! Mallee's personal favourite is her plush pillows that decorate her living room.





"Inspiring the imagination with the joy of colour,

and bringing to life hidden worlds through it's enchanting wildlife"

A portion of proceeds from sales goes towards the Australian Marine Conservation Society to help support Australia's beautiful oceans.


If you wish to support Mallee and the Australian Marine Conservation Society you can purcahse Mallee's products here.

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