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Marketing Objectives:


  1. Approach your market; create awareness for the first year and get the brand out into the market through joint ventures.

  2. Bring the customer to you; attend exhibitions, and hold a gallery launch to invite potential buyers from W.A.

  3. Approach larger contracts in the second year of business and establish confident markets nationally.


The first and best way to get your customers to see your product and learn to trust it is to get it out in the public as often as you can. A way to do this is to look at your network and see who could benefit from a joint venture.

Approach a company in Coral Bay and offer a promotional competition for the season. For every ticket sold at a particular tour company the customer receives a free postcard or magnet and business card for Colourful Creations, and they get a raffle ticket to go into the draw to win an original artwork.

This would also involve a few vehicles of advertising media to sell the competition to the public.


Attend exhibitions where and when possible, also attend as many fairs as you can to set up stalls and promote yourself in coastal Perth and W.A. areas. The Mandurah markets, Busselton markets, Exmouth markets and any markets in and or around Scarborough. Fremantle has already quite a few well established artists and entering this market too soon may mean that you get lost in the sea of competitors.


Another joint venture could be to hold your own exhibition with the Surf Life Saving community and donations go towards helping the surf club. The sale of paintings, with nibblies and drinks could be promoted as a fun way to help the community. This would be the perfect opportunity to invite potential buyers such as "Australia Way" the airport tourism chain to such events.


Of course the main aim of these initiatives is to establish contracts with buyers and businesses that can sell your product.






Establishin yourself in any market is never quick or easy, it takes time and patience as well as persistance. Therefore it is good to ensure your have a reasonable time frame with this industry:


  • 2015 To begin with this year will be about soidifying your business, creating a product you are confident and ready to launch. This is also the time to prepare your advertising material for 2016.

  • 2016 the north west is the first target market, in paritcular Coral Bay and Exmouth. Establish contacts and competitions for the busy season April - October.

  • 2016 during this time you will be traveling to various fairs and markets to advertise your business to the public.

  • 2016 November is the best time to launch the exhibition with Surf Life Saving Australia.


By December 2016 you will have created awareness to your target market in Western Australia, approached and signed contracts with supplies of your products.






Competition costs:

  • Advertising material (posters, flyer etc.)                

  • Products to offer for free (postcards/magnets)       

  • Raffle booklets                                                 


Fair costs:

  • Cost for setting up stall.

  • Cost of products to offer for sale.

  • Travel costs.


Exhibitions costs:

  • Prints for sale

  • Cost of renting a place for exhibition

  • Cost of advertising for event

  • Cost of any nibblies, drinks or entertainment offered

  • Cost of invitations

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