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According to Art Business the market of selling Art is not a quantifiable market and it is difficult to categroise. 

To begin with, art is not a commodity that can be regulated. Anyone can call him or herself an artist, anyone can call anything that they create "art," and anyone can be an art dealer or own an art gallery. Anyone can sell art wherever, whenever and under whatever circumstances they please, and price or sell whatever they call "art" for whatever amounts of money they feel like selling it for, as long as that art is offered without committing fraud or misrepresentation. 


To further complicate matters, art is sold everywhere all the time-- at individual artist websites, gallery websites, websites where artists pay fees to show their art, secondary market websites like, auction sites like eBay, outdoor art shows, art galleries, art fairs, open studios, art walks, flea markets, estate sales, big city auctions, museum sales and rental galleries, "Nothing Over $39.95" sales, little country auctions, directly out of artists' homes and studios, street fairs, high in the mountains of Peru, Uncle Charlie's Ice Cream Store, antique and collectible shops, framing stores, on the street, classified ads in the local paper, interior design stores, coffee shops, corporate lobbies, cruise ships, county fairs, remote villages in Botswanaland, and so on. (, 2013).


Therefore it depends upon your target market, your competitive edge (your style and uniqueness compared to competitors), and how you enter the art market. With this is mind lets have a look at a few artists in the field and how they stand out compared to others.



Stunned Emu Designs established in 1982

Opened first stall at the Fremantle Markets in 1995

Opened first official store in 2010

Collection of artwork, ceramics and illustrated children’s books.


Wendy Binks completed BA in Arts and Design at Curtin University. She has a passion for outdoors and wildlife, as a result a great deal of her projects and income goes towards local wildlife initiatives and community ventures.


Brand Identity:

  • Bright & colourful

  • Quirky, unique and fun

  • Australian

  • Trademark "Emu with Attitude"



  • Stall at Fremantle Markets plus own store in Fremantle

  • Royal show and local fairs

  • Tourism Information shops

  • Animal farm Denmark

  • Outback Jacks Bar & Grill

  • Sanctuary Park Cottages Victora


Price Range:  From AUD $90 for Prints

                      From AUD $24 for Merchandise




Australian Artist, originally started off in fashion which she pursued internationally until finding her passion for painting and returning to Perth.


Brand Identity:

  • Bold, striking & sexy feminine

  • Kaleidoscopic Colours

  • Playful and bring life to the painting



  • Sydney Gallery Shop

  • Perth Gallery

  • Murals on walls

  • Social Media

  • Melbourne Show

  • Hotels and Resorts


Price Range: AUD $80 - $140 for Prints & Merchandise




A Hawaiian artist who has a very strong connection and passion for the ocean, is also involved in a lot of ocean realted community and global projects.


Brand Identity:

  • Brilliant light and shimmering colours

  • Majestic, swim away from the ordinary

  • Celebrate nature's treasures

  • Environmentalist



  • Online Gallery

  • News articles with similar themes

  • United nations mural and stamp collection

  • Ebay, allposters, magicmurals online sales


Price Range: AUD $2,000 - $25,000 for Painting

                     AUD $12+ for Merchandise



Western Australian artist. Started as a design business in 1991 before fully commiting to artistry in 2001. She likes being able to share the beauty inherent in the Australian landscape, and culture, through her art, it is what inspires her everyday.


Brand Identity:

  • Bright Colours

  • Fun and simplistic

  • Country on canvas

  • Australian Culture



  • Mandurah and Broome Gallery & Exhibitions

  • Crab Festival promotional designs

  • Merchandise and Gifts

  • Framing Studio

  • Boranup Gallery Margaret River

  • Painted Cow parade


Price Range: AUD $75 - $4,800 for Painting

                     AUD $8 + for Merchandise



These vary from actual fixed locations tourists and guests can go to and browse. However this also includes online stores that are becoming more popular. The difference between the two is which target market you wish to influence and particular points in the consumer decision making process.


Physical shop location:


Australia the

Family owned and operated, established in Brisbane in 1953.

Has now grown to 22 shop locations across Australia.


Australian Way (AWPL)

Australian owned leading airport retailer.

Established in 1995 with 50 stores in Australia and New Zealand.

Developing creative store concepts for the travel and tourism market is their passion.


Online shops:




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